A Cattery Specializing in the Japanese Bobtail

Owner/Breeders Beth Graham and Brett Sarkissian
Located in West Virginia

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often do you have kittens or cats available for sale?

We nearly always have a kitten or a retired cat available. I always try to have all "PETS" altered prior to leaving our cattery. Some females are just too young for surgery when they are adopted, however, I do have a strict spay/neuter agreement with pet kittens. 

How much do you charge for a Japanese Bobtail kitten or cat?

In the past I didn't post my prices on my page, but I thought, "Most of my inquiries are from folks who are price comparing". It takes me a lot of time to answer these emails for those of you who just want the bottom line. Truth is..... my prices vary.  Do you want a pet quality, or a show quality cat? Are you looking for an odd-eyed cat, or blue-eyed cat? All of these factors add up, forgive the pun. An altered male, PET, with all of his vaccines (including his rabies shot!) starts at $800.00. Blue eyes or Odd eyes? Add $50 per blue eye. $1,000 for an altered male SHOW cat, or a female PET spayed. These are just general rules. I retain the right to quote different prices for different cats.  It is extremely rare that I will sell a cat for breeding, but you may inquire about that, if that was your goal.  

I live nowhere near West Virginia. Can you ship the Japanese Bobtail cat to me?

I do ship cats, although I prefer to place my cats locally.  If I have to ship a cat to you, you can figure it'll cost anywhere between $180.00. - $270.00.   Shipping Fees, Price of Crate, Health Certificate, and rabies shots (if not already done), are all of the things required to fly.  These costs are the client's responsibility.  The fluctuation of prices is due to which airline I can use to get your new kitten to you.  Often times I will be able to use more than one airline, but if it means the kitten is in transit longer, I will pick the shortest trip over the lowest cost.  

Do you sell Japanese Bobtail rescue cats?

I work with our Japanese Bobtail Rescue Ring, and have placed several homeless bobtails.  I am the CFA Southern Region JBT Rescue League Coordinator (USA), and could hook you up with the coordinator for your area. We usually do have a waiting list for our Rescue League, since JBT's are not a well known or "fad" cat. (like a persian or maine coon for instance) There really aren't very many JBT breeders in the states, and few JBT's that need rescuing.  I can only think of about 15 (reputable) catteries nationwide.   I do retire pedigree cats, place rescues, and other 'hard to place' JBT's for less, occasionally for free, although it may take some time to have a cat for you.   Please ask about our waiting list for rescues.

There's a Cat Show in town. Is there a chance that you'll be there?

We attend many shows on the east coast since we live in the Washington DC area.  If there is a show in the Mid-Atlantic area, that you plan on attending, and wonder if I will attend, just drop me a line.  I am always happy to meet people interested in the JBT at the shows.  It gives you an opportunity to meet a JBT in person, and for us to talk about them.  

We have also gone to the Japanese Bobtail Fanciers Show, which was held in Milwaukee in July of '98, Greensboro, NC in July of '99, Pleasanton, CA in Aug 2000, St. Louis, MO  Aug, 2001. Hammonton, NJ in May 2002, and Phoenix, AZ 2004.  

We attended the CFA Regional Qualifiers in Atlanta '98, Greensboro, NC in Oct. '99  They no longer require you to attend the Qualifier to go to the International show.  The CFA International Cat Show was in Kansas City Missouri for a few years in a row, we attended that show in Nov of 1998, and 1999.  

Which cat fancier organizations are you a member of?

We are members of the Japanese Bobtails Breeders Council of CFA, JBOBS, the Shorthaired Japanese Bobtail Club, and Lifetime Members of Japanese Bobtail Fanciers.

A Cattery specializing in the Japanese Bobtail
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