A Cattery Specializing in the Japanese Bobtail

Owner/Breeders Beth Graham and Brett Sarkissian
Located in West Virginia

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Our Japanese Bobtails

We have many breeding cats in our cattery. We have acquired cats from a few outstanding catteries these past years. We also have an imported JBT from a village in Japan. So we have a very good gene pool to work with. They are listed pretty much in the order they came, oldest to youngest .

CH Janipurr's Xena of Cat-Chi Cats, a red spotted tabby and white bicolor female
Jake Aozora of Cat-Chi Cats ("Jake"), a male blue and white bicolor imported from Japan Rockinashi Yoko Ono of Cat-Chi Cats, a female black and white 'import outcross'.  Yoko's father is an imported JBT. 
GRC Cat-Chi Cats Ana Chiyo
("Chiyo"), a female mi-ke (retired living in PA)
Akira Cat-Chi Cats Akira, a male red and white van

Mona, a smoke
mi-ke (a smoke cat has fur that shows as white if you brush the fur back)

CH Chiyo-Chan, a harlequin mi-ke

CH Cat-Chi Cats Crusher
, a black and white van, and odd-eyed male
Click here to view a larger image.
CH Cat-Chi Cats Cl
over, a red and white van female
Cat-Chi Cats Hana, a mi-ke female
CH Cat-Chi Cats Akira, a red and white van male
CH Bassetti's Tattoi of Cat-Chi Cats
, a black and white bicolor female

CH Cat-Chi Cats Akira (right) with Kintai of Cat-Chi Cats

Click here to view a larger image. CH Cat-Chi Cats Nozomi, a Mi-ke Harlequin, odd eyed
Janipurrs' Zai of Cat-Chi Cats
CH Cat-Chi Cats Quasar
Cat-Chi Cats
Quality Matters, a

Another picture of Cat-Chi Cats Quality Matters

A Cattery specializing in the Japanese Bobtail
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